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Something new
under the Sun.

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Lanus QDUP

Lanus QDUP

Enhancing Solar Panel Efficiency

Lanus QDUP
Lanus QDUP
Lanus QDUP

Our QDUP technology surpasses current solar panel solutions in terms of efficiency and
performance. Our primary goal is to create a more efficient and environmentally friendly
solution by utilizing existing infrastructure.

Thanks to the upgrade spray-coating, anyone
can enhance the performance of their traditional, already installed solar panels without the
need for additional installation/deployment.

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Lanus IR

Lanus IR

Combating Solar Panel Overheating

Lanus IR
Lanus IR
Lanus IR

An optical material with a unique metal coating.

Specially designed to prevent degradation caused by infrared light on solar panels.
This product contributes to maintaining solar panels at their operational temperature (42°C) and prevents overheating. 
Lanus IR is an add-on product that requires no regular maintenance.

It can be easily installed and integrated into existing solar panel systems or even incorporated in the manufacturing process.


in solar energy.

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Innovative, forward-thinking solutions for green energy utilization.

Our commitment to innovative green energy usage drives us forward.
We provide a forward-looking solution that embraces the technology of the past and moves towards a future that utilizes renewable energy, thus reducing the ecological footprint of all of us.

In the Summer of 2021, during solar cell research, we started developing a prototype, the purpose of which was to passively and sustainably increase the energy efficiency of traditional solar systems.

Our results led to the establishment of Lanus Solar Ltd. in December 2021, with government support.

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Solutions for any area

For solar panel parks


The Lanus Solar QDUP technology is revolutionizing solar farms.

It significantly boosts the efficiency of solar panels, resulting in instantly higher yields. With the same number and area of panels it becomes possible to generate more energy, leading to substantial extra return. Moreover, QDUP is straightforward to install, requiring minimal labor and time.

Shape the future of energy in today’s solar farms!


For factories


Using Lanus Solar QDUP technology, energy costs in solar-powered manufacturing plants can be dramatically reduced, making these facilities more efficient and sustainable.
Installing QDUP is quick and straightforward, with minimal downtime.

Thanks to Lanus Solar's QDUP, manufacturing can be both more sustainable and cost-effective.


For family houses


By utilizing Lanus Solar QDUP technology, your solar-equipped home can become even more self-sustainable.

Generating additional energy leads to reduced electricity bills, resulting in significant long-term savings. Furthermore, the energy produced by QDUP is clean and environmentally friendly, contributing to a greener future.

Harness the power of solar energy in your home with Lanus Solar!


For apartments


You can make your apartment even greener with Lanus Solar QDUP technology. This technology can be applied to existing solar panels, making it a cost-effective solution. Installing QDUP is simple and affordable, resulting in lower energy bills and increased environmental awareness.

Join us in shaping a greener future!



Gábor Stánicz

Founder & CEO

István Halász

Owner & COO

Ágnes Babos


Imre Varga PhD

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Róbert Mészáros PhD

Professor of Chemistry

Attila Kardos PhD

Research Fellow

István Szalai PhD

Professor of Chemistry

Viktor Madura

Materials Engineer

Róbert Mester

Manufacturing Engineer

Ádám Vida PhD

Materials Research Physicist


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